Environmental Test Equipment Specialist



The most important component in our plan for long term success is satisfied customers. To acquire the trust and satisfaction of our clients we must constantly strive to be the best and give each customer the best service available.

Technology and Training:

Our clients deserve to have only the most qualified service personnel arrive at there facilities. That is why we provide our people with the most up to date training and information available. We are dedicated to keeping pace with the latest innovations in our industry. We provide our customers with the technological edge they require to maintain the high standards of their industry.

Profitability and Cost Management:

It is essential that our people, customers and vendors work together efficiently and productively to eliminate waste. Efficient communication and scheduling are an important part of providing optimum service at a fair market price.



Our success depends on our personnel's ability to take the initiative and help our customers find solutions to their problems. Our service representative must have the high standards and values as individuals in order for us to be successful as an organization.


Our relationships with our customers are based on Professionalism and the pride we take in a job well done. Our clients can call upon us with the utmost in confidence that they will receive prompt, accurate, and ethical service that is second to none.